This journey began with the purchase of a $300 ebay laser cutter known as the K40. Since then, we have upgraded or retrofit numerous machines, and have kept the best of those for our own use. The stable consists of a 50W Redsail LE400 that has been heavily upgraded (Only the case and motorized Z bed are original). This is the machine that we use primarily for engraving as it provides a high level of detail for items such as photo engravings. Our mid level laser is a G.Weicke 80W laser that has had it's controller replaced with a Ruida DSP, just like the 50W redsail we have. Our top level laser is a a Vytek SPecial F/X witha 36" X 24" cutting area and a 125W RF excited tube. It is currently undergoing a controller swap, and full mechanical refreshing. Needless to say, we are very excited about getting this laser up and running.


If you have a need for a prototype parts or a small production run of laser cut or engraved pieces, please contact us.